a digital scan of a 35mm film image of a processing sketch running on an LCD
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Lab: Electronics

Here comes the electronics lab:

3.2: The voltage regulator worked fine, delivering a steady 5.00 volts. (For the record, my 9 volt AC adapter was also measured a weirdly accurate 9.00.)

3.3: Switch worked fine.

3.4: In series, the voltage dropped evenly from LED to LED. Up to 3 red LEDs would light but a 4th killed it.

3.5: In parallel, the amperage across the circuit (between the last LED and ground) was 14 milliamps.

3.6: The potentiometer worked as expected. (At first, I accidentally plugging both ends of the pot into power — this turned the curve of voltage from the potentiometer into a dip — it was high at either extreme, and lowest (but not 0) at the center. Might be a useful behavior for future applications.)

September 29 2009 at 9 PM