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Lab: DC Motor Control

This week's lab covered DC motor control with an H-bridge, an IC that allows to control a motor's direction. Applying power to C1 sends power through the motor in one direction, while power to C2 sends power through the other way. Setting both C1 and C2 to high will have a braking effect on the motor.

H Bridge Schematic

I added a potentiometer to the lab's circuit to allow speed control. The pot controlled a PWM signal going to the H-bridge's enable pin. Power to the motor came courtesy of a 9V wall wart.

Motor Lab
Everything worked fine:

November 8 2009 at 7 PM


I don't understand

September 25 2012 at 1 AM

Eric Mika:

@shwephoethant which part?

September 25 2012 at 10 PM


Can you also post the code you used?please..

January 12 2014 at 6 AM

Eric Mika:

January 12 2014 at 12 PM



January 28 2014 at 3 AM


what kind of IC did you used?and its pin configuration?

January 28 2014 at 3 AM

Eric Mika:

@cyrixiii… I don’t recall exactly but the IC was probably something like the TI SN754410. The pin configuration is detailed in the datasheet.

January 28 2014 at 10 AM