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Whip vs. Chip

I've run into some debate on the floor about which of the two flavors of XBee antenna gives the most range: Whip (left) or chip (right)?

I can't get a straight answer from the floor, but science delivers thanks to MaxStream's research on the issue. Turns out the antenna type only makes a difference for long-range outdoor applications:

XBee Antenna Performance
Antenna Outdoor (ft.) Indoor (ft.)
XBee Chip 470 80
Whip 845 80
XBee-PRO Chip 1690 140
Whip 4382 140

(Source: Page 3 of Application Note XST-AN019a.)

Photos: Whaleforset, Blankdots

October 30 2009 at 12 AM


Just saw this post. I'm interested in using XBee modules. What frequency is the one you mentioned above, 2.4GHz or 900MHz? Thanks.

August 4 2014 at 2 PM

Eric Mika:

Hi, Chad — these are 2.4 GHz modules.

August 4 2014 at 2 PM