a digital scan of a 35mm film image of a processing sketch running on an LCD
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Lab: Analog In

This week's lab came together without incident. The LED's change in brightness was far from linear, though. The full range of adjustability was probably covered in the first quarter-turn of the potentiometer. Mapping the value sent to Pin 9 (via pulse width modulation) could fix this, but I wonder if it's a flaw in the circuit or just a property of the LED.
Also, seeing the code for the PicBasic on Tom's page about analog makes me appreciate how much boilerplate Arduino spares us.

Here's the video:

Also, an aside: Any reason to favor the byzantine 6-hookup breadboard power configuration (left) over cleaner 4-hookup approach (right)?

Update: Just a style thing. When you're using a voltage regulator, using six is more convenient.

September 23 2009 at 5 AM